Architecture, Engineering, PM/CM, QS, BIM, Construction

Architecture, Engineering, PM/CM, QS, BIM, Construction

Architecture, Engineering, PM/CM, QS, BIM, ConstructionArchitecture, Engineering, PM/CM, QS, BIM, Construction

Our Services

Multidisciplinary Architecture and Engineering Design

Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Engineering Support

Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Engineering Support


All design services are developed by experienced architects and engineers under one company. Equinet uses Building Information Modelling for coordinating all the disciplines to prevent construction rework and ambiguity during construction. (Photo shows the National Coast Watch Center building funded by the US Department of Defense. Equinet was the design and build contractor.)

Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Engineering Support

Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Engineering Support

Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Engineering Support


Large international and local costruction companies engage Equinet to develop BIM for their projects. The BIM process includes clash analysis and detection that prevents construction errors, conflicts and rework. Equinet also produces coordination and shop drawings from the coordinated BIM model. (The image above is a snapshot of the Ulster Hospital BIM model. The project is a full service hospital in the U.K.) 

Quantity Surveying and Estimating

Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Engineering Support

Project and Construction Management


Equinet is currently servicing the Quantity Surveying requirements of several large Philippine developers. We provide project cost plans, bid evaluations, progress billing evaluation and change order quantification. We manage the commerical aspects of the construction project for the owners. Equinet also provides material take-off services for international clients. 

Project and Construction Management

Project and Construction Management

Project and Construction Management


We provide project and construction management to building developers. Equinet employs experienced teams to manage and oversee the construction for the owners. We currently have a number of ongoing projects. (Photo shows the Dyson facility in Laguna. Equinet Provided the CM, QS and Dessign services for this facility.)


Project and Construction Management

Construction Support


Equinet undertakes small to medium sized construction work and has completed many types of building projects as a general contractor. (Photo shows the Toyota Valenzuela Project which was completed in 2019.)

Construction Support

Project and Construction Management

Construction Support


Equinet has developed the capability to support large US companies with highly skilled construction manpower and engineers for US Department of State and other federal projects. This service is provided for projects outside the United States. Our construction teams have worked all over the world and are highly regarded.  

Architecture and Engineering Design


TV5 Media Center

Phase 1 completed in 2013

Phase 2 completed in 2016


TV studios and offices

TV5 Commissioned Equinet to design a 60,000 sq. m. media center with six studios. The building on the right houses the news and public affairs center with three TV studios, radio booths, editing rooms and offices. The building on the left and the one shown in the photo above was designed by Equinet and houses the offices and headquarters of TV5, Cignal and Philex Mining.   


Studios and News Media Floor

Equinet completed the multidiscipline design of the media center as well as the interior design of the building. This photo shows the news floor and part of the shooting deck. 

Design and Build Projects


Narra Ridge Condominiums

Equinet is undertaking the design and build of a six cluster building development called Narra Ridge located in Camp Kanawan, Bataan Technopark. The low density low rise project is located on a ridge overlooking the Bataan National park. The project is part of a masterplanned IT park which Equinet is developing. 



Equinet is currently undertaking the design and build of a two building structure which will house the business center and clubhouse of Star8.

This structure is one of several that will be built in Camp Kanawan, Bataan Technopark will be the newest IT park in the Philippines.


Bataan Technopark Master plan

Equinet is undertaking the master plan and development of Bataan Technopark, Morong Special Economic Zone. It aims to be a version of Silicon Valley where the natural green environment and designs are aimed at contributing to the creativity and productivity of the locators and inhabitants. The project will include appropriate housing for management and staff, research and development facilities as well as light manufacturing plants. The development will be low density and green.

Architecture and Engineering Design


National Coast Watch Center

Equinet undertook the multidiscipline design and construction of this building which was funded by the US Department of Defense. The facility is a state of the art command center which houses multiple agencies tasked to protect the maritime bounderies of the Philippines. The facility was completed in 2015.

Equinet was also engaged to undertake the design and construction of two smaller coast watch center buildings located in Dumagete and Antique. These facilities were completed in 2017.


Joint Maritime Law Enforcement Training Center (JMLETC)

Equinet undertook the design and contruction of the JMLETC located in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. This facility is a training center for law enforcers and funded by the US Department of Defence.  This building was completed in 2017.



Equinet undertook the architecture and engineering design of the Dyson manufacturing plant in Laguna. The highest level of quality was required to make the facility suitable for this high end manufacturer of home appliances. The facility was completed in 2015 

Engineering Support International


Hawaii, USA Projects

Equinet has undertaken 20 large Building Information Modeling (BIM) projects for multiple building complexes in Hawaii for various contractors. The projects required the creation of multidiscipline integrated BIM with clash detection analysis.

Clients also required the creation of 2D combined services drawings, shop drawings and builders work drawings. (Photo shows the Park Lane project in Honolulu)


Projects undertake in hawaii

Equinet has been performing engineering support work for a number of notable contractors in the State of Hawaii and have supported a number of notableprojects. Here is a partial list 

  • Lilia Condominium, 2019
  • Azure Apartments, 2019
  • Moana Lua Apartments, 2016-2017
  • Hawaii Kai, 2014-2015
  • Keahu Place, 2015-2017 (photo on the right)
  • Park Lane Ala Moana, 2014-2016
  • Ae'o Ward Village, 2015-2016


Engineering support Services Provided

Equinet performed the following services for various projects and clients in Hawaii:

  • BIM Revit Modelling
  • Clash detection and alalysis
  • Coordination drawings
  • Shop drawings
  • As-built drawings

(Image on the left is a snapshop of the Keahu Place Bim model

Engineering Support for US State Department Projects


US Embassy Projects

Equinet has performed engineering support services for large US contractors undertaking embassy construction projects world wide. The services usually include the development of a BIM model, coordination drawings and shop drawings. Equinet has also undertaken submital and commissioning work for certain projects. 


List of US Embassy Projects

Here is a list of some of the US Embassy Projects that Equinet was involved in. It also states the clients that engaged us for each job.

  • New Embassy Compound Kabul, 2004-5, KBR
  • New Embassy Compound Skopje, 2007-2009, KBR
  • New Consulate Karachi, 2008-2009, Framaco
  • New Embassy Compound Sarajevo, 2010, Caddell
  • New Embassy Compound Djibouti, 2011, Caddell 
  • New Embassy Compound Oslo, 2013-2015, Walsh
  • Manila New Office Annex, 2009-2011, MDC
  • New Consulate Surabaya, 2008-2010, Aurora
  • American Institute Taiwan Phase 1, 2014-2016, Weston
  • American Institute Taiwan Phase 2, 2016-2019, AICI
  • Consulate Berlin, 2016, Pernix
  • New Embassy Compound Maputo, 2017-2019, Pernix
  • CMR Bangkok, 2019, Futron
  • CMR Djibouti, 2019, Futron


Coordination Drawings and shop drawings

Coordination and shop drawings are a requirement for Federal projects. These coordinated drawings sets are extracted from the 3D revit model. Equinet is a pioneer in the use of Revit modeling and is a  expert in this field. 

Engineering Philippines


DMCI BIM Projects

Philippine construction leader DMCI engages Equinet on large complicated projects that require the development of coordinated sets of drawings throught Building Information Modelling (BIM). Equinet participates in the weekly construction meeting in order to present the design issues detected through BIM. Equinet updates the model after the design and project engineering team provides the resolution, Coordination and shop drawings are derived from the updated model.  (The image on the left shows a snapshot of the Six Senses project where Equinet completed the entire BIM process  up to the submission of an as-built level 500 BIM to the client.)   


Industrial Projects

Equinet has provided engineering for various industrial projects like power plants, sugar mills and manufacturing facilities. The image on the right is a snapshot of the BIM model for the South Luzon Thermal Energy Plant. Equinet integrated all the process systems on BIM in order to coordinate the systems for construction planning. The engineering services that we provided was vital to resolving many of the construction issues.

Equinet has provided BIM for various DMCA projects.


Major Water Treatment Projects

Equinet is currently undertaking the Building Information Modelling (BIM) and BIM management for two large water treatment facility projects in the Philippines; the $200 mil CAMAVA project in Caloocan and the 150 million liter per day Laguna Lake Water Treatment Plant in Laguna. Both projects are owned by Philippine water concessionaire Maynilad and are being constructed by construction giant DMCI. The photo on the left is part of the CAMAVA Sewer Treatment Plant (STP) that will be upgraded.    

Quantity Surveying and Estimating



Equinet is undertaking a full quantity surveying (QS) service for the Zadia project of Greenfields. Zadia is a multi-building condominium complex in Sta Rosa, Laguna. Equinet has performed this service for various projects of the Greenfields group as follows:

  • Zadia Phase 1, 2018 
  • Zadia Phase 2, 2019
  • Sta Rosa Transport Terminal Phase 2, 2018
  • Paseo Car Park 6, 2018
  • Trava Clubhouse, 2018

Image on the left is a rendering of the Zadia project.


Oceanwide Center, San Francisco

Equinet is currently engaged by the Swinerton-Webcor JV to undertake estimating and change order quantification for this large notable multiple high rise project in downtown San Francisco. The image on the right is the main building designed by renown architect Norman Foster.


Ten Knotts/Ayala - El Nido Projects

Equinet is currently undertaking QS services for the Huni Hotel and the centralized facilities at the Lio Estates in El Nido, Palawan. 

Photo on the left is a rendering of the Huni Hotel.  

Construction Projects


Toyota Valenzuela Facility

Equinet undertook the construction of the Toyota Valenzuela sales and service center facility following the strict quality standards of Toyota. The project was completed in 2019. 


Facilities Construction at The GN power plant

Equinet undertook various construction and design projects at the GN Power Plant in Mariveles, Bataan.  The following projects were undertaken:

  • Spillway Upgrade and Diversion Weir, 2015 
  • Transformer Pad and Blast Wall Construction, 2016
  • Main Warehouse Extension, 2016, 
  • Retrofittng of Main Warehouse Ventilation, 2017
  • Coal Yard Drainage System, 2017
  • Scrapyard Parking, 2017
  • Chemical Storage Building, 2017
  • Maintenance Building Garage Shed, 2018 
  • Coal Yard Conveyor 2, 2018


Heavy lift jetty

Equinet undertook the construction of the Quezon Power Plant heavy lift jetty located in Mauban, Quezon. This project was undertaken and completed in 2016.

Photo on the left,

Project and Consruction Management


Citadines Hotel, Malate, Manila

Equinet is currently undertaking the project management (PM), construction management (CM) and quantity surveying (QS) services for this 178 room hotel project.  The project is currently in the design phase. During this stage, Equinet as QS provides cost plans to guide the owners for construction budget and finance. As PM, Equinet conducts design coordination meetings prior to construction to ensure that all design and engineering documents are coordinated, complete and ready for permit approvals. Equinet will also conduct bidding for contractors and bid evaluation when bids are submitted. 

The project will break ground in February, 2020. Equinet will field a construction management team on site to monitor and manage the contruction. 


G4S - Cash Centers

British security expert G4S has engaged Equinet to undertake the construction management (CM) and quantity surveying (QS) for the following high security cash center projects located around the Philippines. This is an ongoing program where more facilites are being planned in the next few years. The current projects are as follows:

  • Quirino, Novaliches Cash Center building
  • Cebu City Cash Center facility (includes design services)
  • Dagupan Cash Center facility (includes design services)


Cubao sports center

Equinet is currently undertaking construction management (CM) services for this sports complex multi-use building. As CM, Equinet is ensuring that the contractor follows good quality standards and coordinating various specialty equipment provided by the owner for different sports facilities in the building like the basketball court, swimming pool, gym and others.