Architecture, Engineering, PM/CM, QS, BIM, Construction

Architecture, Engineering, PM/CM, QS, BIM, Construction

Architecture, Engineering, PM/CM, QS, BIM, ConstructionArchitecture, Engineering, PM/CM, QS, BIM, Construction

Company History


Early days

Equinet was established in 2004 and started with two autocad detailers who were architecture graduates. The goal of the company was to provide outsourced engineering services to US contractors and engineering firms. Equinet's initial projects were to develop and provide structural shop drawings for contractors in Guam. The company then started to produce shop drawings for aluminum doors and windows for Alaska, California and Hawaii. It also began providing material take-off services for rebar and concrete for Guam clients.

Upgraded capabilities

Equinet expanded its technical staff by adding mechanical and electrical engineers in 2006. This allowed the company to include mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) shop drawings. In 2007, with it's multidiscipline capabilities, the company decided to upgrade the services that it was offering by including combined services drawings. This was accomplished by layering the autocad drawings and producing coordination drawings. It can be said that this system was the start of Building Information Modeling (BIM). Equinet began to use the early versions of autodesk revit in 2008 and has grown with the use and development of the software. 

Us Federal projects

The success of Equinet in providing quality secondary engineering services to large US contractors expanded the types and complexity of projects that it was undertaking. Equinet started to perform projects for the US Department of State Overseas Building Operation (OBO). The company has been involved in more than 18 US embassy construction projects world wide.  Equinet has also worked on various other US Federal projects under the Deparment of Defence, Defence Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) and the Naval Facilities Command (NAVFAC). 

start of Philippine projects

Equinet undertook it's first Philippine project in 2009 when Ayala owned construction giant MDC asked for help on the US Embassy Manila NOX project. The company used its expertise and familiarity with OBO and US engineering standards to help MDC build and complete the Manila embassy project. Equinet was engaged in the following capacities:

  • Design Coordinator
  • Production of the BIM, coordination and shop drawings
  • Facilities commissioning
  • Installation of the FEBR doors and windows 
  • Installation and management of the Knoll furniture 
  • Deployed a full set of construction management; expats and locals.  

The company decided to pursue local projects from that point on. 

Architecture and engineering design

Armed with its vast knowledge of construction and engineering, Equinet decided to provide design services. The company's first large architectire and engineering design project was the TV5 media center in Mandaluyong. This multi-use media facility paved the way for Equinet to pursue other design jobs. 

Construction and construction support

Equinet also started to deploy highly skilled construction teams and project management teams for US embassy projects world wide as a parallel service to providing engineering support for these projects, The company decided to pursue Philippine construction projects with the availablity of a large highly skilled labor pool.